A few years back I knocked together this quick Vagrant setup to introduce some peeps to the joy of the linux command-line.


This was intended as an introduction for a novice audience. If you have the love already, move right along… nothing to see here.

Tools introduced:

locateFind files on your filesystem quickly using a portion of it’s name.
ncduCommand line filesystem size utilisation with navigation.
treeDirectory tree listing.
pstreeProcess tree listing.
nmapNetwork port scanner.
lsofProcess owning an open file/port.
mcMidnight Commander command line file manager.
whoList currently logged in users.
wList currently logged in users and what they are doing.
writeSend messages to another logged in user.
watchRun a command repeatedly at a given interval.
findFind files in a give path.
cutRemove line sections from a file.
pushdChange to directory <path> and push current directory onto directory stack.
popdNavigate to the directory at the top of the directory stack.
xargsExecute command on standard out from previous command with |.
timeTime a command.
wondershaperNetwork adapter shaping tool.
jqJSON processor.