I have been working on some things to help you and your organisation 🎉


Fork this GitHub repository and modify it to your hearts content. The instructions on how to modify the content and build the docker images is in the BUILD.md file. Once you have the images you can then deploy to your infrastructure of choice.

It includes:

  • The use of the nomenclature from Team Topologies to define team boundaries and interaction modes
  • Images generated from some PlantUML templates to communicate team and role structures
  • Thoughtworks radars for communicating sensible defaults for engineering and architecture
  • Suggested tooling and mechanisms for managing decisions
  • Tooling and mechanisms for planning and managing sets of tasks
  • A sample team charter to help you have happy and productive peeps
  • Approaches to managing technology entropy
  • Guidelines on software development and delivery management
  • A strategy for managing Technical Debt
  • An approach for communicating cost and profitability
  • A view on incident management

The following image is the legend for the PlantUML documents.

PlantUML Legend

With the following being an example illustration of a potential role to function distribution.

Role to Function Distribution

I will be continuing to be update this as a template, and hope that it proves useful or interesting.